Rob Goodkind

Honorary Road Captain

Rob Goodkind, a chapter member for over a dozen years now, was our Head Road Captain for about half of that time. He was also the only person on the ride planning committee until the committee was opened to all members.

As a committee of one, he planned and led all chapter overnight rides, including booking hotels, restaurants, activities, places of interest enroute and gas stops. An astounding feat for an entire committee let alone one person. Most times we would get upward of 30 riders on the numerous trips he planned and led throughout a season.

Rob is, and always has been, generous with his advice, is a knowledgeable and safe rider, and always treats the membership and the executive board with respect.

Ed Crowley and Terry Hutcher

Road Captains Ed Crowley and Terry Hutcher have recently moved to their new home in Franklin, Tennessee and the Hunterdon HOG Chapter will miss two stellar members. Ed and Terry were very active members and their presence at most events and many rides will be missed. They joined the chapter in June of 2006 and it is safe to say they participated in nearly all activities offered by the chapter. They also took leadership roles in Hunterdon HOG as Terry was Chapter Treasurer for three years, starting in January of 2013 and ending in December of 2015. Both Ed and Terry were road captains, with Ed starting in January of 2014 and Terry becoming the sole woman road captain in June of 2014.

As chapter members, Ed and Terry were also frequently seen working the grills during barbecues at Williams HD and were always willing to lend a hand at chapter events. They also organized multiple overnight road trips and participated many other trips over the years.

They were both excellent riders and their enthusiasm for riding was contagious. Ed’s big smile and hearty handshake were a hallmark of almost every Hunterdon HOG gathering. Terry’s genuine warmth and friendly manner helped make many new members feel welcome in the chapter.

Ed and Terry will be sorely missed by their friends, the chapter officers, and the road captains. We hope they will come back to visit New Jersey in the future and they have extended an invitation to everyone to stop by for a visit if you are ever in the Nashville area.

We wish Ed and Terry the best of luck in their new home. We also hope they will find new HOG friends too and have many years of fun and safe riding ahead.